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Three Easy Steps
Enabling your customers to act right on time

Scan the Enhanced QR code 

Prospects scan the enhanced QR code on your direct mail, OOH, magazines, point-of-sale, and DRTV to respond instantly or set a reminder.

Respond or Set a Reminder 

Once scanned, your prospects are served a simple landing page to respond instantly, set a reminder, or share the offer.

Receive Timely alerts

Prospects receive alerts when a sales event is about to start before an offer expires or when it’s more convenient to respond.

Built for direct marketers

PostReminder has endless possibilities for brands in retail, entertainment, automotive, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, travel, and utilities.

PostReminder reminds prospects of your offers and events.

•  Subscription services
•  Travel & leisure
•  Banking services
•  Cable, streaming & internet
•  Real estate transactions

•  Movies, shows & concerts
•  AEP and insurance renewal
•  Warranty & maintenance
•  Tradeshows
•  Real estate open houses

An easy add-on that delivers 100% attribution on your ad spend

With PostReminder’s simple campaign set-up, it’s easy to add to your existing marketing. Plus, real-time measures of key performance metrics make attribution a breeze. You’ll be able to track:

• Media attribution by channel
• Number of QR scans
• Scan dates

• Number of reminders set
• Scan locations
• Device type

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