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Built for Direct Marketers
Increase engagement by sending sales and event reminders to your customers.

PostReminder is a versatile tool for reshaping marketing strategies across various sectors. It handles event promotions, appointment scheduling, and nonprofit fundraising, aiding real estate and education industries. This dynamic platform enhances customer engagement and drives product launches, catering to diverse needs across automotive services and more. Make your marketing better with PostReminder.

Event Promotion
Promote events (e.g., product launches, webinars) using QR codes via PostReminder. Scan the code to register and receive event details with reminders.

Time-Limited Offers
Create urgency for limited-time offers. PostReminder notifies prospects when offers are expiring, encouraging immediate action and boosting sales.

Follow-Up Communications
Utilize PostReminder for direct mail follow-ups. Send thank-you messages, additional info, or exclusive offers to keep prospects engaged.

Direct Mail Campaigns
Enhance direct mail with QR codes. Prospects scan for instant responses or set reminders, increasing engagement rates.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising
Use PostReminder to augment OOH ads. QR codes allow people to engage, receive more info, and set reminders for action.

Magazine Advertisements
Incorporate QR codes in print ads. Readers scan for exclusive content or event reminders, turning print into an interactive channel.

Point-of-Sale Marketing
In-store QR codes offer discounts or reminders, engaging shoppers and boosting sales.

Direct Response Television (DRTV)
Integrate QR codes in DRTV ads for immediate engagement, allowing viewers to access details or set reminders.

Customer Engagement and Retention
Send reminders to existing customers about loyalty benefits or exclusive promotions.

Coupon Redemption
Include QR codes on coupons for instant online redemption or setting reminders.

Lead Generation
Encourage QR code scanning for newsletters or exclusive content. PostReminder nurtures leads with follow-ups.

Product Catalogs
QR codes in catalogs offer detailed info or reminders for purchase.

Appointment Scheduling
Include QR codes for scheduling appointments, reducing no-shows and engaging customers.

Survey Participation
Invite survey participation via QR codes. PostReminder sends reminders for completion.

Product Launches
Generate excitement with QR code sneak peeks. PostReminder sends reminders before launch.

Abandoned Carts
QR codes link to abandoned carts. PostReminder sends reminders with incentives for completion.

Membership Renewals
QR codes facilitate easy renewals. PostReminder sends timely reminders.

New Store Openings
QR codes in mailers provide opening details and reminders for grand events.

Product Demonstrations
QR codes lead to demos. PostReminder sends follow-ups for exploration.

Appointment Reminders
QR codes on confirmation mailers. PostReminder reduces no-shows with timely reminders.

Product Registration
QR codes lead to registration. PostReminder follows up to complete the process.

Sweepstakes and Contests
QR codes for entry with PostReminder sending deadline and winner announcements.

Nonprofit Fundraising
QR codes for donations with PostReminder showcasing impact and seeking recurring support.

Product Reviews and Testimonials
Encourage feedback via QR codes. PostReminder follows up for submissions.

Educational Institutions
QR codes for tours, applications, and deadlines. PostReminder sends reminders.

Real Estate Listings
QR codes for property inquiries and open houses. PostReminder sends viewing reminders.

Automotive Services
QR codes for appointments and promotions. PostReminder sends timely service reminders.

Subscription Boxes
QR codes for subscriptions. PostReminder sends renewal reminders.

Trade Shows and Expos
QR codes for booth invitations and exclusive discounts. PostReminder shares event details.

Gym and Fitness Memberships
QR codes for sign-ups and class schedules. PostReminder sends fitness notifications.

Restaurant Reservations
QR codes for reservations and menus. PostReminder sends reminders and offers.

Job Recruitment
QR codes for applications and interviews. PostReminder sends date reminders and resources.

Legal Consultations
QR codes for consultations and document signings. PostReminder sends date reminders for legal matters.

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